What To Expect

10 Home Birth Videos That Are Real, Raw, & Empowering

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Fill 'Er Up

12 Water Birth Vlogs That Capture Every Kind Of Experience

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Here’s how they happen at home, a hospital, and a birth center.


'Dinner Plate-Sized' Surgical Tool Used During C-Section Left Inside Mom For 18 Months

by Jen McGuire

A new mom in New Zealand complained to her doctor about abdominal pain after delivering her child via C-section.


12 Birth Videos Of Twins & Triplets To Watch So You Know What To Expect

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Quadruplets, too!


How To Tell The Difference Between Amniotic Fluid & Discharge

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An OB-GYN explains the important differences.


4 Signs You’re Dilating, Which Could Mean It’s Almost Baby Time

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Any minute now.


9 Signs Your Baby Is Coming Early, So Get Ready

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Do Not Stress

We Have To Talk About Making Gift Baskets For L&D Nurses

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It’s a nice gesture, but is it too much pressure?


These 35 Vintage Maternity Ward Photos Prove That Motherhood Is Timeless

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Some things never change

The miracle of life

15 Real Birth Vlogs That Showcase Every Kind Of Delivery

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If you’re wondering what to expect.


Birth Announcement Ideas To Celebrate Your Little One

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Welcome them in style


Could Increased Anxiety Mean You'll Go Into Labor Soon? Experts Explain

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It’s normal to be a little nervous. But seek help if your anxiety is severe.

Ricki Lake Has Unfinished Business

by Jennifer Block, Beau Grealy and Tiffany Reid

She gave birth on camera and changed Americans’ attitudes towards birth forever. Fifteen years later, it’s clear how much more has to change.


Idaho Hospital Makes “Difficult Decision” To Stop Delivering Babies

by Jamie Kenney

Bonner General Health in Sandpoint, Idaho will no longer deliver babies after May, citing loss of workforce and Idaho's abortion laws.

That Post-Birth Ouch

Everything You Need To Know About Postpartum Cramps

by Miranda Rake

How to get a little comfort, and when to call your doctor.


2021 Was One Of The Worst Years In Decades For Maternal Deaths In The U.S.

by Jamie Kenney

For Black women, the statistics are especially tragic.