Allyson Felix Opens Up About Raising A Black Daughter & Her “Post-Retirement” Life

by Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs

This mom’s not slowing down one bit.


It’s Time To Bring Back The Mighty Casserole

by Jen McGuire

Every fall, my cooking style becomes what our family calls “hot and a lot.”

Anyone, anyone?

What Do Doctors Even Learn About The Pelvic Floor In Med School?

by April Daniels Hussar

And why didn’t my OB-GYN ever bring mine up to me?

Don't Keep It To Yourself

5 Signs You Have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & How To Get Help

by Katie McPherson

Help is out there, but you might need a referral.

At Your Cervix

What Is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & How Does It Work?

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Everyone has a pelvic floor (yes, even you) and sometimes it needs a little TLC.


Your Direct-to-Consumer Pelvic Floor

by Doree Shafrir

Social media has been a boon for pelvic floor awareness — but are women actually getting the care they need?

Know Before You Go

Here’s What Actually Happens At Your First Pelvic Floor PT Appointment

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Fear not: Your therapist’s entire job is to make you feel comfortable.


10 Women Share How Pelvic Floor Therapy Changed Their Lives

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What it was like to finally start feeling better.

Birth Injury

Rectal Prolapse Is More Common Than You Think — Here’s How I Finally Got Help For Mine

by Cristina Tudino

My body and I had a falling out.


In A World Of Girls Named Billy, Where Are The Boys Named Sue?

by Jamie Kenney

(And why do gender neutral names rarely stay that way?)


Sometimes I Worry I’m More Invested In The Approval Of Other Parents Than My Own Kid

by Sarah Wheeler

Whatever parenting Kool-Aid we’re drinking is laced with our own self-destruction.


‘And Just Like That...’ Speaks To Me In A Way That ‘Sex And The City’ Never Did

by Jen McGuire

It’s not as funny or lighthearted. I doubt it will be called iconic or groundbreaking. It’s not setting any trends. But that’s part of its beauty.

Safe Sleep

Why Is A Product Linked To The Deaths Of 100 Babies Still Being Bought & Sold On Facebook?

by Katie McPherson

“If you’re a parent who thinks what happened to those other 100 families can’t happen to you, think again.”

Travel Diary

Grief With My Mother In New Orleans

by Johanna Gohmann

I tried — and failed — to cheer my mom up with a trip. It wasn’t that New Orleans wasn’t the right place. It was that for my mom, the only right place was one with my dad.


The Brit Moms Of Instagram Saved Me

by Miranda Rake

In the first weeks of motherhood, I needed friends who were awake at 3 a.m. They were there for me.

Kathy Knows

Carrie’s Main Character Syndrome Isn’t Going To Work With Aidan's Kids

by Jen McGuire

And just like that... Kathy said Carrie’s not allowed to write a dang word.