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Mental Health

Stay-At-Home Moms

SAHMs Actually Have Fewer Mom Friends After Leaving Work, New Survey Finds

Turns out “mom squads” might be a myth.

by Jamie Kenney
Don't Keep It To Yourself

5 Signs You Have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & How To Get Help

Help is out there, but you might need a referral.

by Katie McPherson

Sometimes I Worry I’m More Invested In The Approval Of Other Parents Than My Own Kid

Whatever parenting Kool-Aid we’re drinking is laced with our own self-destruction.

by Sarah Wheeler

After Her Son Died In A Hot Car, This Mom Wrote a Memoir About Forgiveness

“If I can just help one person, that really is what the goal is.”

by Miranda Rake

I Thought Fat Was The Enemy, Until I Had My Preemie

Every gram he gained felt like a triumph. Every back roll was a victory.

by Emily Lackey
Raising Healthy Boys

My Little Boy Is Obsessed With Superheroes. What Is That Teaching Him About Body Image?

At first, I saw my child’s interest in strength — in getting bigger not smaller — as further evidence of generational curses lifted when it came to food and his body.

by Rachel Friedman

Motherhood Brought My Buried Rage To The Surface

“Retraumatized” is the word my­ therapist offered. I cling to it like a raft.

by Eugenia Leigh
Big Feels

A Nervous Parent's Guide To Surviving Junior High (Again)

My strongest memories of seventh grade are isolation, shame, anxiety, and a boy named Chad teasing me about my flat chest.

by Edan Lepucki
Under Pressure

Is It Possible To Raise Kids Who Are High Achieving But Well-Adjusted?

It all comes down to a psychological concept called “mattering.”

by Rebecca Ackermann

What A Bracingly Honest Scottish Comedian Taught Me About My Autistic Son

A chat with Fern Brady, and some thoughts on her wild and wonderful memoir about autism.

by Johanna Gohmann

After A Lifetime Of Struggle, Pregnancy Was The First Time I Felt Real Joy In My Body

I waited for the familiar shame and dread to set in, but they never did.

by Lauren Peterson
The Choice To Be A Mom

How Women In States That Ban Abortion Are Re-Thinking Their Baby Plans

“What if something goes wrong?”

by Sarah Hunter Simanson
Losing Battles

Becoming A Mom Has Caused Me To Start Anxiety-Cleaning—And I Can’t Stop

by Jessica Booth
Ugh, Hormones

Do I Have PMS Or Anxiety & Depression? It’s All So Connected

You don’t have to figure it out alone.

by Katie McPherson
Mental Health

You’re Not A Bad Mom If You Have Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts are an extremely common postpartum experience. Let’s talk about them.

by Miranda Rake

Surgeon General Warns Social Media Can Have “Profound Risk Of Harm” To Kids’ Mental Health

“We are in the middle of a national youth mental health crisis, and I am concerned that social media is an important driver of that crisis — one that we must urgently address.”

by Jen McGuire
Let's Take Another Shot

Is It Time For Another Covid Booster? Here’s The 2023 Guidance

by Katie McPherson

The newest booster will be available this fall.


Rising Temperatures Threaten Safety & Disrupt Learning. What Are We Going To Do About It?

by Jamie Kenney

Too hot for teacher — and also kids, staff, learning, and the planet in general.

Anyone, anyone?

What Do Doctors Even Learn About The Pelvic Floor In Med School?

by April Daniels Hussar

And why didn’t my OB-GYN ever bring mine up to me?

Don't Keep It To Yourself

5 Signs You Have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & How To Get Help

by Katie McPherson

Help is out there, but you might need a referral.

At Your Cervix

What Is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & How Does It Work?

by Katie McPherson

Everyone has a pelvic floor (yes, even you) and sometimes it needs a little TLC.


Your Direct-to-Consumer Pelvic Floor

by Doree Shafrir

Social media has been a boon for pelvic floor awareness — but are women actually getting the care they need?

Know Before You Go

Here’s What Actually Happens At Your First Pelvic Floor PT Appointment

by Katie McPherson

Fear not: Your therapist’s entire job is to make you feel comfortable.


10 Women Share How Pelvic Floor Therapy Changed Their Lives

by Katie McPherson

What it was like to finally start feeling better.

Birth Injury

Rectal Prolapse Is More Common Than You Think — Here’s How I Finally Got Help For Mine

by Cristina Tudino

My body and I had a falling out.

Raising Kids

Here's How To Know If Your Child Is Color Blind

by Romper Staff

The signs aren’t always obvious.


How To Tell The Difference Between Amniotic Fluid & Discharge

by Abi Berwager Schreier

An OB-GYN explains the important differences.


6 Common Fertility Myths You (Probably) Don’t Have To Worry About

by Jamie Kenney

Romper spoke to fertility specialists about common misconceptions about infertility


FDA Approves First RSV Vaccine To Protect Infants From Birth To 6 Months

by Kaitlin Kimont

The vaccine is approved for use at 32 through 36 weeks gestational age of pregnancy.


Here’s When You Can Stop Waking Your Baby At Night To Feed

by Mishal Ali Zafar and Abi Berwager Schreier

Because now you’re ready to get some good sleep.


Can Breast Milk Go Bad Inside Your Body? Lactations Consultants Explain

by Cat Bowen and Ellen Schmidt

It’s normal to wonder.


Chrissy Teigen Shares Mammogram Reminder With Topless Selfie From The Doctor's Office

by Kaitlin Kimont

“when else do you get to see your boob as a one inch steak!?”