Anyone, anyone?

What Do Doctors Even Learn About The Pelvic Floor In Med School?

by April Daniels Hussar

And why didn’t my OB-GYN ever bring mine up to me?

Don't Keep It To Yourself

5 Signs You Have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & How To Get Help

by Katie McPherson

Help is out there, but you might need a referral.

At Your Cervix

What Is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & How Does It Work?

by Katie McPherson

Everyone has a pelvic floor (yes, even you) and sometimes it needs a little TLC.


Your Direct-to-Consumer Pelvic Floor

by Doree Shafrir

Social media has been a boon for pelvic floor awareness — but are women actually getting the care they need?

Know Before You Go

Here’s What Actually Happens At Your First Pelvic Floor PT Appointment

by Katie McPherson

Fear not: Your therapist’s entire job is to make you feel comfortable.


10 Women Share How Pelvic Floor Therapy Changed Their Lives

by Katie McPherson

What it was like to finally start feeling better.

Birth Injury

Rectal Prolapse Is More Common Than You Think — Here’s How I Finally Got Help For Mine

by Cristina Tudino

My body and I had a falling out.


I Thought Fat Was The Enemy, Until I Had My Preemie

by Emily Lackey

Every gram he gained felt like a triumph. Every back roll was a victory.


The First Pill For Postpartum Depression Has Been FDA Approved

by Miranda Rake

A reproductive psychiatrist who has studied the drug in depth explains what it is, how it works and when it may become available.

Aunt Flo Is Back

How Your Period Changes Postpartum

by Samantha Darby

And that pesky PMS.


New Parents

by Romper

Advice and stories on the strange new world of parenting.


Motherhood Brought My Buried Rage To The Surface

by Eugenia Leigh

“Retraumatized” is the word my­ therapist offered. I cling to it like a raft.


After A Lifetime Of Struggle, Pregnancy Was The First Time I Felt Real Joy In My Body

by Lauren Peterson

I waited for the familiar shame and dread to set in, but they never did.


Expect The Unexpected

by Miranda Rake

Let it all surprise you, because it’s going to anyway.

Mental Health

You’re Not A Bad Mom If You Have Intrusive Thoughts

by Miranda Rake

Intrusive thoughts are an extremely common postpartum experience. Let’s talk about them.


There’s A Reason Your Postpartum Anxiety Went Undiagnosed

by Miranda Rake

It’s very hard to ask for help when you don’t know what to call the thing you need help with.